Be the Boss of Robots With Your Updated Skills

February 15th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

Robots have become an integral part of every field. Many hardware stores have robots as customer guides, few Chinese restaurants have robotic waiters. Japan has the world’s first farm that runs entirely by robots and harvests 30,000 lettuce heads every day. In Germany, robots manufacture thousands of running shoes each day. With this, we can see how robots are overtaking the human workforce in any industry and are affecting the workplace and the economy. After all, the robotics is an inseparable part of our lives.

Robots will continue to replace humans in low-skilled or unskilled roles. According to global predictions, by 2025, a minimum 50 percent of all current jobs could be accomplished by some version of robotics. The artificial intelligence (AI) plays the most important role in this evaluation. However, there are plenty of jobs that can’t be performed by robots.

Ask yourself a simple question, “Can a robot do your job better?” If your answer is “yes,” then it’s time to up skill yourself or change a career path. Always remember, the more skills you have, the more you know, your position becomes difficult to be replaced. Consider the following suggestions for a brighter future:

Stay updated with the latest technologies and trends: Keep updating your skillsets with the latest changes in the industry. Also, learn about robotics and what are the roles and responsibility they can accomplish. Learn about hardware and software too.
Always be ready to adopt changes: Usually, we are so comfortable with our job that we forgot to upgrade ourselves, but changes are the most important part of life, especially in the workplace. If you fail in adopting the latest technology, you will fall way behind. Sign up for certification programs or training that will assist you to gain an understanding of market trends and help to develop in-demand skills.
Walk with the world: Don’t wait until you are stuck in a rut. Instead, challenge your mind and spirit by welcoming new ideas. Embrace new technology and make it your friend.
Improve your critical thinking: Robots are wired to be an unemotional, uncaring, unthinking, uncritical and irresponsible bunch of hardware. Robots are not so good with “why” of whatever they do. That’s where humans’ role comes in, as a sensible, thinking and creative.
Robots are not coming, they are already a part of the human world. The first machine revolution brought us millions of new jobs producing TVs, locomotive, autos, long-distance travel and many others. The Digital touch to machine spawned to the second generation machine that includes smartphones, computers, and Big Data. Mastering your field is the ultimate way to brighten your career and attending certification training or program will assist you to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technology.